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Hire Web Designers from the Philippines

Culture of Value: Why the Philippines is the Best Destination for Web Outsourcing

The Philippines is a prime choice when it comes to outsourcing your web design or web development projects. During the 3rd International Outsourcing Summit (IOS) last October 2011, BPAP chairman, Fred Ayala,says that the tremendous global demand for high quality Filipino talent could increase industry generated jobs from 1.8 million in 2010 to 4.5 million in 2016 and the goal starting this year is to “become the world’s #1 destination not just for Call Centers, but for IT-BPO in general.”

Here are reasons why you should consider to hire web professionals from Manila:

The Philippine BPO scene ranks #1 in voice, surpassing India with US$5.7 billion in revenues and #2 in non-voice,complex services. (BPAP)
No miscommunication brought by language barrier, as the Philippines is the 3rd largest English-speaking nation in the world with a 93% literacy rate.

  • Professional training ensures high-productivity, advanced critical thinking and analytic skills.
  • Service-oriented culture: The Philippine culture has a foothold in the Northern American educational system which has contributed greatly to a Westernized mindset, giving Filipino workers the ability to adapt to your culture with relative ease, especially when compared to other Asian countries.
  • Filipino professionals are by nature, hard workers.  Out reliable BPO workforce definitely match those from neighboring countries like China and India.
  • Web developers and designers in the Philippines are consistent in delivering creative and well-thought out websites that adhere to industry standards.
  • As outsourced programmers and developers, white label services are expected. Web design agencies here can easily procure a dedicated team where you can sub-contract work for your clients.
  • Monthly retainer rates are affordable and operations are customized to fit your current team setup.
  • Round the clock support: Even if the Philippines is on a different time zone, most web design companies here nightshift and dayshift operations that covers your normal business hours.
  • The Philippines continues to be the venue of choice for offshore offices. Maersk, Ericsson, and Nestle are only some of the big companies who have recognized the benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines.

With world-class customer service and a culture of value, the Philippines is the ideal outsourcing partner for your business and there’s no better time than now to get started. Learn more about hiring web designers from Manila.

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