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7 Characters to Watch Out For When Looking for a Web Designer

The fear of many clients and business owners is having to deal with difficult “web experts.” There are literally thousands and thousands of web design providers out there, so be wary of certain deal breakers to avoid when choosing who to partner with — be it a web design firm or a freelancer.

The Finer Printer

Yes, all contracts have a fine print. But a cunning person like “The Finer Printer” can do just that—make the print even finer. Be wary of hidden fees, site ownership concerns, and other unreasonable demands. A reliable web agency will be transparent and upfront when asked about specific clauses stated in a project contract.

The Copycat

This designer creates websites without considering what your business really needs. He relies solely on templates or worse, just copies exactly the same design as those of other websites. A true web designer is passionate about what he does. He understands what the client’s business is all about and if the situation calls for it, translates their objective into a custom website that will generate more customers.

The Hermit

The problem with “The Hermit” is that he chooses to hibernate when you need him the most—read: during deadlines. Before hiring a web designer, check his credentials and past work history. Testimonials from verified clients lets you know that you hired a reliable guy.

The Pitcher

As the name implies, The Pitcher is a persuasive guy with great sales talk. The work ends there, however, as he over-promises and never delivers.

The Hit and Run Guy

Let’s say you have a particularly complex project. Your guy will create the website and launch it online after numerous revisions. After collecting his earnings for this project, you will not hear from him, ever again. Remember that after-sales support or even just courtesy assistance is great when building client relationships.


This designer tends to go completely out of contact in the middle of a project—taking with him files or access to the back-end of your site.

The Temper Thrower

No one wants to work with someone who cannot communicate professionally. Website building is a collaborative process and a smooth relationship between you and your web developer is a basic requirement.

The Unprofessional

This guy never runs out of excuses when you berate him about a missed deadline or a failed project. He uses derivatives of the classics—“the dog ate my homework,” “My PC crashed” and the excuses just go on. Accountability is a trait of professionalism (and so is backing up your site files), so make sure your web guy is man enough to admit his faults and correct them asap.


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