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Outsource Copywriting to the Philippines

Why Outsource Copywriting

For overflow writing tasks, hiring a professional copywriter who’s based offshore is a good alternative to hiring one in-house. Getting a copywriter on retainer is also better than getting a freelancer who may not always be available to do your projects during the times you need them most.  In this post, we name a few reasons why outsourced copywriting is a good alternative:

1. Ownership

One of the best things about hiring professional ghostwriters is that you are purchasing full rights of the articles they produce as compared to publishing content from guest bloggers. Ghost writing contracts operate under a non-disclosure agreement and their services are white label. This means that any article they write is 100% your authorship.

2. Reliability

We can’t stress this enough but getting a reliable outsourcing partner will save you time and let you focus on what you do best: sales, marketing and running your business. Do your research and inquire about the track record of the digital agency you’re partnering with.

3. Cost Effectiveness

Hiring outsourced copywriters is an affordable solution since you’ll be paying them on a fixed retainer or fixed-cost project basis.  Hourly rates of professionals in the Philippines are considerably lower compared to rates in the US, UK or Australia. This is a good alternative since quality isn’t sacrificed at the expense of costs.

You’ll also save more if the writer is equipped with SEO knowledge and this can help lessen the work of your SEO team

Tips When Outsourcing Your Copywriting

  • Copywriters from offshore digital agencies usually require a Content Writing Intake Form for every project. Make sure you answer this as detailed as possible so they can come up with content that mimics your style and tone of voice.
  • Send your new writers samples of your past work so they have a working guideline when it comes to your writing style, structure and length of articles. List down your specific requirements for each project such as word count, types of sites to use as references, etc.
  • Once you start working with your outsourced copywriter, it’s important to keep you communication lines open.  Video conferencing or chat is recommended. Doing this will help you clarify instructions and track progress.

As long as you partner with a reliable digital agency, outsourcing content writing or website building is not a scary prospect. Hiring writers from the Philippines is a great choice as it is among the largest English-speaking populations in the world. 

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