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Tips on Web Design Outsourcing

Tips to Make the Most Out of Web Outsourcing

One of the biggest questions for small businesses looking to outsource is how to get results they want from their offshore contractor.  Business owners tend to be wary in giving away some control and here in DPS, this is one of the concerns that we usually address right away.

Here are some tips so you can get what you want from your offshore web design partner so you can fully enjoy the benefits of outsourcing.

Give specific instructions.

No matter how talented or experienced your hired expert may be, he or she isn’t a mind reader. Before the start of any project, we here at DPS usually spend the first few days of the project gathering information, analyzing the BA document (if it’s a dev project), securing creative assets and materials (if it’s a design project) and having the client accomplish all the necessary project intake forms.

Milestones are also defined and approved by the client before we start the work so that expectations are managed on both sides. 

Know what you want and adhere to set deadlines.

Once milestones and phases are defined, this should be followed by both parties so that costs and deadline requirements are met. If it’s a design project, help your designer understand your concept clearly. Instead of describing abstract concepts, show him websites that you like or samples of design elements that you want to see. Make sure that you provide the needed materials such as your branding guidelines, text content, wireframe, etc. This will help your designer complete the project faster and with less revisions.

Keep the lines of communication open.

Unlike in-house staff, the only time you’ll “sit down” with your offshore contractors is either through the phone or video call. If you’re on different time zones, establish a schedule that’s convenient to both of you. Provide a number where they can reach you quickly for more urgent concerns.

Give them creative freedom.

You’ll be surprised at how talented the designers and developers from the Philippines are.  If you’ve partnered with a reliable web design company, their portfolio and reviews will give you an idea of their capabilities. There are times when you think you know what you want but be open to suggestions — they may have an alternative and better solution.

Looking to hire web designers or developers from the Philippines?  Check out our list of web design services.

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